Our products

Flora Fresh apples, are first quality fruits.

In the slopes of Pelister mountain and in an altitude of 1.000 meters, among the wild nature that only a forest can provide, our trees are blooming and fruits are growing between the rest of the Flora.

Only in a unique place like that, you can grab from a tree a Fresh fruit, having an irresistible vivid color. But only when you bite it, you will actually hear the crunchy sound of it. In addition you will also enjoy the sweet taste and smell the aroma that only nature could offer.

Our responsibility is to keep the originality of the fruit and deliver it to you, pure and intact.
This is Flora as Fresh as it can get.

Flora Fresh apples is your best choice.

Cultivating our orchard

Having in mind that a tree is a living organism, we are following the most sustainable way to cultivate and harvest.

Our approach and philosophy is simple. As much as we respect the nature, the nature will also provide for us. The process may sound plain and easy. The trees need nutrition, water, sun and air, but balance is the key.

We are taking actually into consideration the special characteristics of our location. For that reason we are creating an orchard that will embrace in harmony the existing ecosystem and eventually become part of it.

This is a dynamic process that has to be going through out the passing of seasons.

  • The Spring brings the blooming of the tree flowers.
  • During Summer we are taking care of the growing fruits
  • Autumn is the season of harvesting
  • In Winter we are pruning and preparing the field for a great next season.

Our Apples

Our apples are an excellent choice for your diet. It’s a healthy and tasty meal during the day. An apple provides you with all the energy and nutrition your body really needs. In addition an apple offers you enough sugars to boost your mood. We always take the maximum care of our apples and we try to offer you a first category fruit.

We produce five different qualities of apples. Fuji, Gala and Evelina are red with yellow highlights and sweet as well. Smith has a vivid green color and an acid taste. Red Love is red like a passion fruit and sweet like a candy.

FloraFresh Friends

It is a special selection of fruits growing in other farms. However these growers share the same values and principles with us. There is a special procedure for selecting them as well a sign of “3F” in order to be distinguishable from our orchard fruits.